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She was recently voted as one of the most memorable contestants by AOL Entertainment.She has been on the covers of Be, The Next Level Magazine (November 2005), Black Men magazine, Black Hair magazine, Braids magazine, and King magazine (February/March 2006, March/April 2006, and April 2008).The super-sexy Horner is blessed with great height. Due to his strict diet plan and hard work out he has a solid body shape.He surprised all his fans with washboard type of 6-pack abs.

Then from 1995, she appeared as a forecaster on BBC Television and Radio in Wales.She is a known face in the television industry because she works as a meteorologist on the BBC.She also makes her appearance regularly on BBC News, BBC World News, BBC Red Button, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC Radio 2 as well as BBC One.She and her husband Philip is leading a happy family life, so there is no question of divorce in their relationship. So, we can say that she does know what it means to be pregnant as she has the experience of it.She had her first child in 2006, and another was born in December 2008.

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