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We award 7 out of 10 for the delectable Ms Durance.

“Smallville” and “Saving Hope” star Erica Durance poses nude in the leaked photo above.

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Having sex with a Muslimina is like wrestling a bear (only not nearly as fun), and helps us keep our edge.Erica Durance began to play in small episodes in films, serials and TV-shows. Then there were her debut like an actress in the movie " The Untold" in 2002.On the popular TV-Show " Smallville" Erica Durance firstly gained fame in 2004.She also found time for a string of TV movies, and after Smallville has gone on to be cast as Dr Alex Reid, the lead role in medical drama Saving Hope.Thanks to her pretty face, and celebrated two hours a day in the gym regime, Erica Durance is one of TV's hottest MILFs, regularly appearing in FHM top 100 sexiest stars lists.

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Erica has older brother and a sister, who lived on the farm together with her. Then, in 1999 Erica Durance was graduated from high school and Durance family moved to Vancouver.

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