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There are a lot of Black men of my era that are not aware of this thing,” Matthew says, and goes into more detail in his upcoming book, Of course, it’s always the mean, black mammy’s fault for colorism.“When I was growing up, my mother used to say, “Don’t ever bring no nappy-head Black girl to my house.” In the deep South in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, the shade of your Blackness was considered important.less Golden State Warriors' Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington, Matt Barnes and Baron Davis smile as they rest on the bench during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Utah Jazz in Oakland, Calif., ...more Moby and Natalie Portman had a brief relationship in the early 2000s (they were both vegans, you know).Moby told Spin of the fling, "As far as the very brief affair I had with Natalie, it's made me the target of a lot of nerd wrath.You can't date Luke Skywalker's mom and not have them hate your guts." less Moby and Natalie Portman had a brief relationship in the early 2000s (they were both vegans, you know).more After dating Ashton Kutcher, January Jones and singer Josh Groban were a thing.

She told GQ magazine in 2009, however, that Kutcher wasn't supportive of her acting career and didn't ...

And of course our favourite moments are when hopeful romantics find that spark they've been looking for.

But which of those couple by have made it to date two and beyond?

We look back at some of our favourite first date couples and find out whether their still together now after dining in the Paternoster Chop House restaurant where all the magic happens.

Less than a year after being paired up on the Channel 4 reality series – in which total strangers are matched by researchers and meet up in a London restaurant – Ibiba Mudada and Aarron Stewart are celebrating their new arrival.

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