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The overwhelming majority had obituary notices in the Inquirer or other denominational journal.

The range of the Index covers periods of ministerial service dating from the 1860s to the 1990s.

The Unitarian Students at the Presbyterian College Carmarthen in the Nineteenth Century, Compiled by an Old Student (RJJ), Published Aberdare 1901.

Manchester New College/ Manchester College Oxford, Roll of Students (held at the College). Card Index to the Obituaries appearing in Unitarian journals from 1790s onwards (Johnston Index at HMC).

The record of service in the Unitarian ministry only is recorded; start and finish dates are given but not gaps in service except where of a long duration. Queens' University & Presbyterian College Belfast & HMC.

HMC refers to Manchester New College later Manchester College, Oxford and now Harris Manchester College. Oxford DNB refers to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (2004). Not all the obituaries about paticular person which have been identified in Unitarian journals are necessarily shown here. TRANSACTIONS OF THE UNITARIAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY OBITUARIES OF UNITARIAN MINISTERS 1900 - 2004 INDEX AND SYNOPSIS Compiled by Alan Ruston Introduction The obituaries shown in this Index relate to recognised Unitarian ministers whose names appear in the annual Essex Hall Year Book (1890-1928), the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (GA) Year Book (from 1929), and Directory (from the 1980s) whose deaths occurred between 1 January 1900 and 31 December 1999. In the majority of cases an obituary is contained within the Year Book, but not in every instance.

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