Why is avg not updating

But the second one is pretty straightforward and anyone who knows SQL will understand it in one go.So, we saw that RDDs can sometimes be tough to use if the problem at hand is like the one above.

2013-08-03 :217 1268 e00 Report CWERReporter:: Handle Events - WER report upload completed with status 0x8 2013-08-03 :217 1268 e00 Report WER Report sent: 7.5.7601.17514 0x80070643 E2FF4526-97D7-4926-8E75-295DBA39C6BF Install 101 Unmanaged 2013-08-03 :217 1268 e00 Report CWERReporter finishing event handling.

Also, it is the perfect replacement for Map Reduce.

So, whoever wants to learn Spark should know about RDDs.

I have been unable to receive windows updates because everytime I try I'm told that a new Windows Update software needs to be installed first.

The windows update version that I have installed is 7.5.7601.17514 and looking at the log files the version that Windows is trying to install is 7.6.7600.256.

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