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Alexander papa...vicarious: Ermenfredum pontificem Sedunorum et duos canonicos cardinales, dated to 1070After taking several years to subdue the whole country, he imposed the Norman feudal structure and rule everywhere with methodical and harsh persistence.

This does not instil confidence with respect to the historical accuracy of the whole passage, but if it is correct the daughter in question would presumably have been Agatha who was probably the daughter of King William betrothed to "Amfursio regi Gallici" (see above).Duke Guillaume branded Harold a perjurer and appealed to Pope Alexander II for support.After receiving a papal banner in response to his request, William gathered a sizable army during summer 1066 in preparation for invasion.Orderic Vitalis records that King William sent Mathildem back to Normandy in light of the rebellions in England and to preserve intact provinci..Rodberto puero [referring to their eldest son], dated to 1069). Richardum..Henricum, adding that Robert succeeded to ducatum Normanni.Guillaume of Jumiges records that Duke Guillaume and his wife Balduinum Flandri comitem...filiam regali ex genere descendente... Orderic Vitalis names Rotbertum..Ricardum, Willermum et Henricum as the sons of Willermus Normanni dux and his wife Mathildem Balduini ducis Flandrensium filiam, neptem..sorore Henrici regis Francorum After unsuccessfully aspiring to govern Normandy and Maine during the lifetime of his father, Robert rebelled in 1079 and went into exile in Flanders: Orderic Vitalis records the rebellion of Robert, son of King William I, and his departure from Normandy accompanied by Rodbertus de Bellismo et Guillelmus de Britolio, Rogerius Ricardi de Benefacta filius, Rodbertus de Molbraio et Guillelmus de Molinis, Guillelmus de Ruperia, dated to [1077/78], and their journeys during five years of exile.

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