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Events like Katrina remind us of the fragility of life.The revival of an old Jewish tradition given new momentum by the events of September 11, the ethical will is not legally binding; it is a message from the heart.It can be as short as one page or as long as a full memoir or family history. A widower writing in Newsweek ("We Had the Love, But I Long for the Letters") says, "No matter how close my wife and I were, no matter how much we loved each other, and no matter how many heartwarming memories I have of our togetherness, I don't have any tangible record of her heart speaking to mine. Candidly assessing your life experiences and values, trying to make sense of the world or your life, reminding your loved ones and friends how you lived your life, and figuring out where your values came from and which values and life lessons you want to pass on to the next generation can energize you and change the way you see your life.Your last will and testament disposes of all your earthly goods who gets which valuables, what you want your survivors to have.The response overwhelmingly favored a personal legacy over worldly goods.

This video, a palindrome created by Jonathan Reed, took second place in AARP's "[email protected]​50" contest in 2007. It has been viewed more than 15 million times on You Tube.From a New York Times business story, Breaking the Silence, by John Leland (March 18, 2008): David Wallechinsky, the son of the writer Irving Wallace, said he managed his mothers finances for the last seven years of her life.Now, at 60, having his inheritance meted out by trustees feels like an indignity, he said.Ten-year-old with Flint roots wins military child of the year award.The father of Willie Banks III died when Willie was five, but wrote his son six letters to guide him. They include life instructions, lessons and encouragement." ~ Beata Mostafavi, Flint Journal, 3-19-10People's dreams are made out of what they do all day.

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