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She won't be the only new person on board the USS Orville either as she'll be joined by fellow newcomer Chris Johnson who has a recurring role.

Due to scheduling issues, the first season of the show was cut short by one episode to 12, but that 'lost' episode is now expected to air with the second season, with Mac Farlane also saying that he expects to do "at least" 14 episodes."I'd rather do fewer episodes and have them be better content-wise than do 22 and have them be filler," he explained at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

At least we know it's coming by the end of 2018 at the latest.'s UK airing and be broadcast shortly after the US.

This year's freshman series don't pack quite the super-punch of the past few cycles, when Marvel and DC and space-based shows were multiplying like Tribbles on the Enterprise. look and feel with a minor twist to the premise: Future humans don't die, they just have their consciousness and memories transferred into a new, synthetic body.

But there's plenty of new stuff to layer on top of the sci-fi, fantasy and other genre series already continuing (or returning, hi (Hulu) Now it's Sean Penn's turn to be an Oscar Winner on TV, in this case an eight-episode exploration of life on an early Mars colony. Netflix announced last month that it's breathing life into Altered Carbon on Feb. (Freeform) Mermaids – not little, not silent and not all that friendly, it turns out.

So, But season 3 will be different in another way – the show, which is set in LA, is moving from its current shooting location in Vancouver to actual LA.

We'd say it was a creative decision, if it wasn't for the fact will be able to take advantage of new LA-based tax breaks.

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I don't think a whole lot is going to change."The first trailer for was unveiled by Fox during their upfront presentation in May 2017, so we could expect the first footage during this year's event or, at the very latest, during Comic-Con in July.

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