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If you did pay for any future xfactor dating event with your card, we recommend you call your credit card company straight away.

We have run many thousands of events in the past thirteen years, and we like to think we know what we are doing. Feel free to do any research or credit check you like on us - we are financially solid.

Lucky Nicole lives in a house in the Hollywood Hills, which she bought for around £1,665,534 (,165,000) in 2006.

Nicole was in an on-off relationship with F1 champion Lewis Hamilton from around 2007 until 2015.

Xfactordates went bust leaving a number of singles high and dry.

Put another way, Xfactor Dates will never run any future events as they have they gone into liquidation.

Cher Lloyd posed for her first snap with her newborn baby Delilah-Rae, amid shocking claims her husband hadn't yet informed his family about the birth.

We’ve lost count how many “boyfriends” and “fiances” and “husbands” have been dragged into their charade over the years, but it’s a long list and it just keeps getting longer.

It’s almost like there is a rule that one of these women is always required to engage in some sort of “hetero” activity to hide the fact that they are gay.

In 2014, Nicole signed a deal with RCA Records for over £2.9million and starred in Cats, which earned her an Oliver nomination.

Her endorsements include Herbal Essences, Missguided, British Airways and Proactive but you're most likely to know her from her Muller yoghurt adverts.

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As long as their careers are active, it seems that they will never declare out loud that they are a couple.

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