Yahoo pipe not updating rss

In the sources listed below, I found other free or paid total or partial replacements — but you have to host them on your own server and/or they’re far too complicated for the average information professional :.RSS is important to information professionals and, as we’ve seen, much used by people whose job is to monitor web resources.

Before filtering and merging RSS feeds, one must locate them or create one i it does not exist.

Various blocks in Pipes: Ankit Gupta is a writer by profession and has more than 7 years of global writing experience on technology and other areas.

He follows technological developments and likes to write about Windows & IT security.

So I went looking for substitutes which could merge and filter feeds. For instance, they shall have a graphic user interface (GUI) ; coding shouldn’t be necessary.

The only difficulty allowed should be the use of regular expressions (Regex).

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