Yonghwa and shin hye dating

From the cheesy oppas, cute girls, uptight chaebol heir leads, the Korean dramas are the best recommend for someone who likes to see romance with some funny backdrop.My Love from Star Everything is this drama perfectly fits!Cinderella story like plot where an arranged marriage bring together the poor girl and the prince. Watch it for Yoon Eun Hye, her cute and bubbly princess is highlight of this drama I saw this quite by accident originally but after the first episode, the rest just had to be seen.The story line left me torn most times but in a good way.This drama ought to be in the top 3, it was so amazing.Excellent acting"Emotions"Action"SActionre"Romance"I cried, I laughed, I fell in love with Lee Min Ho again, I day dreamed about it. 0 Goong (Princess Hours) The story set up in modern Korea with imagined monarchy.I am sure they will have season2 and so on if they are successful with the remake of this drama in the USA.My Love from the stars has touched me over and over again: so, it's my favourite drama of all times.

That was a big nono, dramas should not allow people to get married or have kids, that ruined it for me... But overall, the BEST drama I've ever watch by a fairly large amount. I end up watching a lot of her drama and even movie. (searching for every word in dictionary to explain). it's simply just a drama not to miss, one of my top 3 for sure ^^ This is probably one of the best! Gong Yoo is my favorite actor and he doing his work superbly always and especially on this daram. This drama will forever will #1 most favourite drama ever.

The storyline is well written and carried out, details of acting in each scene touches the heart of viewers!

And of course, all the casts in this drama is perfect in their roles!

Main characters, kim so hyun & jeon ji hyun do have great chemistry and have outstanding acting skills that match well with each other.

They have added little details of their interation in the acting that make every moment look so real and draw us into the drama. They really should continue to do other seasons of this drama with the same cast team like Twilight before the US ABC does it.

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